About Us

The Five Commanders is a Magic: The Gathering podcast that discusses the casual multiplayer format Commander (also know as Elder Dragon Highlander or EDH for short). We discuss our play styles, cards, topical news, what decks we were playing and all things Commander.

By releasing content without Phil, “the four commanders” are infringing on his copyright related to, and ownership of, the podcast.


You may have noticed that a few things changed around here. Well, four people decided to renege on an agreement we made to end the Five Commanders podcast and move on to other projects. Their reasons are their own, but they have charted their own course and are not only infringing on the copyrights of the actual owner, but also to damage his business.

In the end, none of this should matter – they should have started their own podcast, perhaps even calling it “The Four Commanders,” and we all would have rooted for them – but as we all know, not everyone is capable of creation. These people have demonstrated they are capable of destruction – by destroying the contents of the Facebook page which stored our community history, the Twitter account, and stealing and locking the owner out of these and other accounts. Recovery is in progress.

I offered to continue the podcast for all of us, and they could return when they were feeling more up to it, but they made it impossible and three were upset because of my perceived “unilateral” decision-making (including having Sheldon Menery on the podcast at the last minute to explain the tuck rule change). We decided – together – that we would not operate unless all five of us did it together, and since we couldn’t, we would stop podcasting under the banner of the Five Commanders entirely. We could, however, use the channels to promote new works since Phil insisted our listeners wanted that (others wanted to shut it down entirely). Phil used the Facebook page and Twitter account to communicate with our listeners, though the others had nothing to promote.

Obviously, they decided to renege on that agreement because they decided they weren’t able to create something different. Instead of starting a new podcast, they broke the agreement we made together and did their best to lock Phil out when he disagreed.

Just to be clear, The Five Commanders and Five Commanders name and podcast is owned and © 2015 Philip DeLuca. All rights are reserved. No other publications are permitted.